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Pest Problem?

We are all surrounded with insects, rodents and mammals, which normally, on a day-to-day basis we can all observe and enjoy. However our enjoyment starts to become less so, when things start to affect our daily lives.

This can be as simple as ladybirds or moths damaging our carefully selected and often expensive soft furnishings, or mammals causing damage to our much loved garden.

Of course, things can also become a danger, such as rodents living in our property, gnawing through electricity, alarm or communication cables, rodents, mammals and insects exposing us to potentially life threatening diseases such as Wiel's disease, rabies and salmonella. There is also the risk of such things as wasp and bee attacks.

Clearzone Pest Control will always encourage you to be tolerant of the nature that we share our daily lives with, unless it starts to become a problem. When we consult with you, we will always discuss the potential problems your infestation presents to you, your family, animals, property, and of course, not forgetting other members of the public.

Please see 'Our Services' page for a full comprehensive list of pests that we can deal with.

Who Are We?

We are an independent pest control business, operating from Broad Town, just outside Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire. We are not, nor do we have any aspirations to be a large Regional, National or Franchise company. We aim to run our business without the overheads of the aforementioned groups, instead, focusing on a personal, quality and value for money service to our surrounding community in Wiltshire.

We deal with domestic, commercial and agricultural pest control problems, working with our clients to help them understand the issues related to their pest problem. We believe that prevention is better than cure and consult with our clients, to help them appreciate why they may have a particular pest infestation.

Whilst we will recommend some form of initial treatment, to bring a particular pest species under control, we will also make recommendations on how to prevent or reduce the impact of re-infestation. We are committed to this approach because it keeps our client's costs to a minimum and is kinder to the environment, compared to the repeated use of chemicals. This supports the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

It is our focus on personal, quality and value for money solutions, which awards us virtually all our business from personal recommendations, with requests to attend infestations as far afield as London.

Our Promise to You...

'Who Are We' drives what we aim to deliver to you. We believe in running a service to the local community that is appreciated, valued and trusted. Whilst we do advertise, we know from years of experience that word of mouth and personal recommendations are the very best form of advertising, that is why we aim to provide a high level of service.

We always aim to deliver a professional and personal service. This starts with a visit to your property to assess your needs and discuss a solution, or a choice of solutions, to enable you to make an informed decision. We will give you advice on how to minimise the chances of a re-infestation and therefore the cost and inconvenience to you.

We aim to respond to your needs as rapidly as possible. We don't really have "normal working hours" because your needs are sometimes urgent.

Some of our clients prefer to be discreet about their pest problems. We respect this and only ever visit you in an unmarked, non commercial vehicle. As well as treating you fairly, we aim to take the same approach with your property. It's just the polite things like taking off our shoes before entering, and cleaning up any mess that we make before we leave.

In summary, we aim to treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves.